domenica, febbraio 24, 2008

lazy sunday #64: 24 febbraio 2008

Lato A:

1) The Teenagers "Homecoming"
2) Offlaga Disco Pax "Venti Minuti"
3) Television "Venus"
4) Baustelle "Il Liberismo Ha I Giorni Contati"
5) Antelope "Dead-eye"

Lato B:

1) Elf Power "Spiral Stairs"
2) New Buffalo "You've Gone My Friend"
3) The Most Serene Republic "A mix of sun and cloud"
4) Los Campesinos! "Death to Los Campesinos"
5) Girls In Hawaii "This Farm Will End Up In Fire"
6) Art Brut "Bad Weekend"

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venerdì, febbraio 22, 2008

Stop when you cease to amaze me

In principio furono i The National, seguiti a ruota dai Vampire Weekend. Cavalcare l'Onda suonando su piccole imbarcazioni a vela. Ma quando si passa ai traghetti arrugginiti al largo di Seattle è ora di voltare pagina. Lo Yacht è morto: anche alla Blogothèque dovrebbero rendersene conto.

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domenica, febbraio 10, 2008

lazy sunday #63: 10 febbraio 2008

We're back. With more music than ever.

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Lato A

Sons & Daughters "Gilt Complex"
Tokyo Police Club "Your English Is Good"
MGMT "Time To Pretend"
Why? "The Hollows"
Times New Viking "(My Head)"
These New Puritans "Numbers"

Lato B

Baustelle "Colombo"
Cat Claws "Bob"
Datarock "Fa Fa Fa"
Shitdisco "I Know Kung Fu"
Jens Lekman "Black Cab"
R.E.M. "Supernatural Superserious"

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domenica, febbraio 03, 2008

lazy sunday #62: 3 febbraio 2008

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1) Black Turtleneck "Discontinued Parts"
2) Rafter "Tragedy"
3) Mgmt "Kids"
4) The Pains of Being Pure At Heart "Doing All The Things That Wouldn't Make Your Parents Proud"
5) Sons And Daughters "Gilt Complex"
6) British Sea Power "Open The Door"
7) Elle S'Appelle "Little Flame"
8) Lapingra "Coco"
9) Feu Therese "Le Bruit du Pollen la Nuit"
10) Friendly Fires "On Board"
11) Boat "(I'm a) Donkey For Your Love"
12) Times New Viking "Mean God"
13) Shocking Pinks "Second Hand Girl"
14) Pere Ubu "Nonalignment Pact"
15) Thurston Moore "Trees Outside The Academy"
16) Don Turbolento "Jingo & Nina"
17) Vampire Weekend "Bryn"

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